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Vanuatu is a tropical paradise, it has islands galore, a unique coastline with fantastic harbours, rainforests and coconut plantations in abundance. On top of this, some of the worlds most striking natural occurrences are ever present. Live volcanoes, spectacular coral reefs, idyllic islands, unique wildlife and amazing sunsets await you.
However,  the Ni-Vanuatan people are truly what makes Vanuatu different and have been called the happiest culture on earth. They have a unique sense of ‘being’, they know who they are and are proud of their heritage and culture, and are only too happy to share this with travellers.
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Interested in a particular Island, place or activity in Vanuatu ? With over ten years of travel experience in Vanuatu, we can help you. The best experiences are gained by exploring the “road less travelled”. We are advocates of Real Travel, where you get to see authentic Culture, and experience unique adventures suitable for all travellers. Our ‘stays’ | ‘Tours’ | ‘Trips’ include alot of what has excited us about Vanuatu.
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Vanuatu Traveller | Social Responsibility and Helping Ni-Vanuatuan Communities.

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  • Facilitating local communities to develop their own local tourism ventures that promote authentic cultural experiences & unique adventure.
  • VanuatuTraveller is committed to contributing to responsible and sustainable travel that supports and enriches local Ni-Vanuatuan communities.
  • We take social responsibility seriously, and focus on long term solutions to the alleviation of calamities that are increasingly befalling the Pacific region.
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